• Real Wood Kar98

    Return of Legend - Kar98 with Gas-powered and Spring-action version

  • Year of Pig

    Kung Hei Fat Choi. We will be closed on Feb. 5 to 7.

    We will resume at 1:00pm on Feb 8

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  • Cop 9 - JingGong Asia Pacific Agent

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  • SVU - Hot items available at our retail shops

    SVU - Hot items available at our retail shops

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    M4 & M16 AEG Series

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    AK AEG Series

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    M5 AEG Series

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    G608 AEG Series

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    SIG AEG Series

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    AUG AEG Series

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    G3/MC51 AEG Series

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    Sniper Series

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    Pistol Series

  • Other Type of Airsoft

    Other Type of Airsoft

    Do you know them what they are ?! Let point them out !

  • Lasers and Flash lights

    Lasers and Flash lights

  • Dot Sight

    Dot Sight for Speedy & Precise aiming result

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  • Scopes for Airsoft

    Improving your aiming accuracy and confidence !

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  • Mounts and Tactical rails
  • Tactical gear

    Tactical gear

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    Enhancement+upgrade Kit and Accessories

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  • ESKI Series

    Welcome to visit our ESKI booth at Lai Chi Kok or Mongkok.

    • Cop9gun@Lai Chi Kok : Shop B28, B/F, Lai Sun Commercial Centre, 680 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon. (It takes about 5 mins from MTR B1 Exit)
    • Cop9gun@Mongkok : Shop 8, G/F, No. Kwong Wa Street, Mongkok, Kowloon (Two shops next to Welcome Supermarket of Yan On Building).

  • CP-Tamiya-MF-Plug

    Mini Tamiya Plug Set (Both Male and Female Plug) Set including TWO Mini Tamiya Plugs (Both Male and Female Type) and a pair of clip for EACH plug; Good for replacement/repairing of airsoft/battery using Mini Tamiya Plug as battery connector; Good for making the charging end of your charger; DC voltage for NOT more than 12V is recommended for this kind of...

    HK$ 18
    In Stock

    A&K SVD Dragunov AEG Metal body Receiver  Hand-guard with Rubber-like coating for better gripping Firing mode: Semi-Auto, Auto Magazine: 180 Rounds Length: 1209 mm Barrel Length: 590 mm (Internal) Weight: 2700 with battery Battery: mini AK-type 9.6V Battery, mini Tamiya Plug Muzzle Velocity: 380-420FPS with 0.2g BBs Package Includes: Gun, Magazine,...

    HK$ 1,488
    In Stock
  • CM-350LM

    CYMA M870 Shotgun (Long Barrel/Stock version)Pump-action mechanism; fps: 330 with 0.2 BB; Outer barrel and Body are made of Metal; The shotgun can house ONE shell only; cock once shoot 3 BBs. Each shell house 30-rds of 6mm Plastic BB; and Package comes with ONE shell, additional shells can be purchased HERE as separated items.

    HK$ 620
    In Stock
  • CM870-SHELL

    CYMA M870 Shotgun ShellMade of Plastic; Each shell can house 30-rds of 6mm Plastic BB; Original parts for CYMA M870 pump-action shotgun; and Compatibile for Marui System Shotgun.

    HK$ 30
    In Stock
  • JG-1338

    Gear Box: Ver.3 Motor: High Speed Firing mode: Semi-Auto, Auto Magazine: 300 Rounds (M4 magazine) Length: 830mm/930mm(Shortened/in Full) Barrel Length: 256.5mm (Internal) Weight: 3300g with battery Battery: Mini Type 8.4V Battery, mini Tamiya Plug Muzzle Velocity: 330-360FPS with 0.2g BBs Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual, Battery, Charger

    HK$ 1,198
    In Stock
  • 101

    Bolt-Action rilfe 98k (Real Wood, Spring Action Version) The 98k is a bolt-action rifle with Mauser-type action holding five rounds of 7.92x57mm Mauser on a stripper clip, loaded into an internal magazine. Package comes with bolt-action 98K (Real Wood) & 5 shells Note: Stripper clip, scope and sling shown here are demonstration purpose and are NOT...

    HK$ 1,288
    In Stock
  • JG-367

    JingGong VSR 10 Spring-Action Sniper (Bar 10G) Built Material - Full Metal Barrel, with Rubber-like finishing for better grip, 340- 360 fps (0.2 BB) Magazine Capacity - 30  Length - 1070mm (including the Silencer) Internal Barrel Length - 410mm  Weight - 2600 g  System - Air Cocking, Adjustable Hop-Up  Package Included: Gun, Magazine & Manual

    HK$ 738
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  • JG-0510T

    Gear Box: Ver.3 Motor: High Speed Firing mode: Semi-Auto, Auto Magazine: 250 Rounds Length: 482mm Barrel Length: 229mm (Internal) Weight: 2600g with battery Battery: mini AK-type 8.4V Battery, mini Tamiya Plug Muzzle Velocity: 380-410FPS with 0.2g BBs Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual, Battery, Charger

    HK$ 1,108
    In Stock

Cop9 Co. Ltd - Point of Sales information

we open 11:00am to 10:00 pm, including Sunday and Public Holiday

**  Shop 8, G/F, Yan On Building, No. 1 Kwong Wa Street, Kowloon Google Map (Open @ 11:00am) Tel: 2388 3765
**  Shop 10, G/F, Yan On Building, No. 1 Kwong Wa Street, Kowloon (Open @ 1:00pm)  Tel: 2494 8999

Tips: Yau Ma Tei MTR Exit A2 (or Exit of Pitts Street)

Welcome to online shop of Cop9 Co Ltd.  (JingGong Asia Pacific Agent and the Aftersales representative/contact of DiBoys). 

We specialized on Airsoft and accessories to anywhere worldwide. OEM products, Wholesales & Retails are welcome at any of our Point of Sales and business partners! For request of wholesales/bulk purchase price list, please send email directly to cop9gun@gmail.com;

Cop9 Co Ltd.   only have TWO Point of Sales/Retail Stores. We don't have any authorized partners in Mainland China. For Online Shop, this is only single entry point (i.e. www.cop9gun.com cop9gun.hk or cop9gun.com.hk .)

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